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New Loot

All of our newest finds are first available every Thursday night at 8:30pm Eastern as a post on our Facebook page and mirrored here under the 'Shop' menu.  The first person to claim an item via chat or on the Facebook page with an email address receives a PayPal invoice for the item.  We allow a reasonable amount of time to pay but will cancel unpaid invoices to allow the next person in line a shot.  New Loot transfers into inventory, and is subject to discount codes or haggling, after 12 days of being up for sale.  

How To Shop Our Inventory

Our inventory is categorized under the Shop pull down menu above and is purchased via the shopping cart.  While we do ship, the shopping cart only allows for free transfer of items to our partner locations at this time.  If you need traditional shipping, please ask for a quote.  Check our social media pages for discount codes.  Onsite plunder hours are 10 to 3 every Thursday - Saturday in Gilbert.      

How To Get Your Stuff

We have pickup hours in Gilbert, SC from 10 to 3 every Thursday - Saturday.  If that doesn't work, we offer free transfer to our partner stores or can provide a shipping quote.  Transfer is easily setup when purchasing our inventory by selecting the partner store under the shipping pull down menu. Shipping via the website must currently be quoted (we quote what we are quoted via the carrier). If you need a shipping quote or have any questions about our found things, start a chat and we'll help figure it out.