Electric Light Orchestra Secret Messages

Electric Light Orchestra Secret Messages

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Originally conceived by Jeff Lynne as a double LP, 18-track album, but finally released as a single one. Vinyl releases consisted only of 10 tracks: song "Time After Time" was included as track 5 (of 11) only in Cassette and CD releases. Remastered re-releases from 2001 added 3 more tracks as bonus. In 2018 the album was released as originally intended (double LP), although omitting the track "Beatles Forever" (this release is a NEW and separate remaster, the same one that found its way on HD Tracks). A year later, Japan saw a CD release of the same album (the same sound source), identical tracks with no differences.


Secret Messages  
Loser Gone Wild  
Take Me On And On  
Four Little Diamonds  
Danger Ahead  
Letter From Spain  
Train Of Gold  
Rock 'N' Roll Is King


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