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Peach Festival Gardens

Up a rutted drive squeezing between a matriarch cedar tree and a field of goats, before trespassing through a mix of a forgotten hay field and the encroaching undergrowth of a planted stand of Longleaf Pines, hides Peach Festival Gardens. It is not what is expected when heading out on a discovery drive for a few finds to counter the new and normal filling most living spaces, but that is the point.

The porch of the red oak intertwined cabin and sheds spill over with things found tucked away when the most bustling time of a place becomes distant from today. They are dusty, sometimes in need of a weekend helping hand on a work bench, but always affected by the life lived. True patinas, natural distressing, and craftsmanship combine with the old souls and will speak to you.

If you visit us in Gilbert, you’ll spend your time outside and under minimal overhead cover while you investigate. A snarky peacock may want to walk with you. We’ll be happy to tell you the story as we know it about those things that interest you, and also give you the space to explore. Expect to get dirty and affected by the current day’s weather happenings.

If you visit us online or in one of the stores we partner with, expect informed descriptions of where things come from and the guarantee that each found thing and antique we present is worthy of your space.

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