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Edgefield Found

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

The areas that Peach Festival Gardens explores are filled with houses and outbuildings shuttered or used in a manner different from the original intended purpose. Recently, we combed the contents of a typical Lexington County, South Carolina Smokehouse slated for demolition and serving the better part of the past 75 years as a catch all storage shed.

Yard tools, Christmas decorations, and pieces and parts of furniture made up most of the hard to

walk through pile of things on the collapsing floor. Insect infestations, water damage, and general deterioration took their toll on most things, but the rafters and loft area over the door seemed more promising.

Tucked far back in the corner of the loft, and impossible to spot without gingerly climbing the braces of the rough sawn walls, where several pieces of Edgefield pottery covered in a layer of dust that takes decades to accumulate. Despite the condition of the structure, they were in fine shape.

Wooten and Wooten Auctioneers have taken on the task of finding the right collector. The links provided will take you to the bid page for each and provide an excellent condition description and provenance notes. We hope you’ll take a look and tell your South Carolina artifact appreciative friends.

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